Girls SUP

Enjoying a flatwater paddle with  friends

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is an exciting new watersport combining the skills of surfing and kayaking. It has roots in ancient Hawaiian culture where the Polynesians would paddle handmade timber canoes and rafts across expanses of ocean whilst standing up. Though Hawaiians have probably been standup paddle surfing for centuries, the earliest photographic evidence is only about 60 years old. Duke Kahanamoku, the most famous of the Waikiki beach boys and founding father of surfing, was said to use an outrigger paddle to help propel his heavy board into the waves of Waikiki.

Girl Surf Stand Up Paddle

This activity is suitable for ages 10 years and above and a reasonable level of fitness. All equipment is provided including flatwater and/or surf SUP models and quality paddles.